Gif of a cowboy browsing the internet on an old computer and tapping his foot. He uses a barrel as a seat and another barrel as a desk.
Gif of stick figure hitting head on keyboard (me coding) Updates and To-Do Gif of stick figure hitting head on keyboard (me coding)

To-Do List
Two-spirit section?
Make header text redirect to home on click?
Add stars to archive header links too?
Sort links chronologically?

Big cosmetic site overhaul
Header changes, font changes
So many gif changes
Den remodeled

I still come back now and then
Addition of trans book
Updated Archive Pic of the """Month"""

Added some archive links
New oral history sections
Rewording here and there

🎆 Happy New Year's! 🎆
Overhaul of Bio, now the Den
Added grackle favicons!!
"Spread the word!" text for banners
Removed some obsolete code
New relevant symbols in the title texts
Added a few trans archive links

Cool new fonts!
Kickstarted the Intersex Resources page
Expanded on HIV Archive
Lots of coding fuckery

Joined the The Hotline Webring
Joined the The Retronaut Webring
Added fairy trail for cursor!
Fixed poor formatting on cbox

Added rough draft of bio
Added rat gifs (essential for the functionality of the site)
Changed 88x31 button placement
Added poll and submission box
Fixed bad sizing code in columns
Fixed stylesheets

Complete overhaul of site. Link to original.