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Newsletters and Magazines
Hermaphrodites with Attitude / Intersex Society of North America Newsletter (1994-2006)
The Journal of Gender Studies Vol. 15 No. 2 & Vol. 16 No. 1 (1993-94)
Appendix D: A Legal Path of Androgeny by Lynn Edward Harris (1995)
Riki Anne Wilchins' flyers (1990)

I Didn't Know I Was Intersex — Until I Made a Film About an Intersex Character (2018)
We Need to End Intersex Erasure in Queer Communities (2018)
Changes in Sex Not Unusual; Many Keep Secret, Doctors Say (1952)
Doctor Reveals Birth Of True Hermaphrodite (1956)
Bearded Women (1903)
Surgeon Places Stress On Fixing Babies' Sex (1956)
"Scientists have discovered that an entirely normal man is one-fifth woman..." (1941)
Sex Shifts Day By Day, Expert Says (1935)

A Mechanical and Critical Enquiry Into the Nature of Hermaphrodites by James Parsons M.D. (1741)
The Fifth Sex: The Forbidden World of the Hermaphrodites by Bob Dylan/Janet Kling (1969)

Lynn Edward Harris photos (1954-2000)