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The Internet Archive
International Newspapers Collection
United States Newspapers Collection
Chronicling America: Historic Newspapers
Elephind Historical Newspaper Archive
Google Newspaper Archive
Digital Public Library of America
Trove Australian Newspaper Archive
Old Bailey Online

GLBT Historical Society's Digital Collections
Archived GLBTQ Encyclopedia Project
Lavender Legacies: LGBT Sources in North America
The Madeline Davis GLBT Archives of Western New York
Invisible Histories Project (Southern US)
University of Southern Maine LGBTQ+ Collection
LGBTQ Digital Collaboratory Oral History Hub
Gay History and Literature by Rictor Norton
Homosexuality in 18th Century England
New York Public Library LGBT and HIV/AIDS Collections
People with a History: An Online Guide to LGBT History
Queer Zine Archive
One Archive
The Arquives
Queering the Map
Queer Resources Directory
Queer Music Heritage
LGBT Religious Archives Network
Queer Maps
Out History

Gay men
Broken Futures: Queer Lives in Berkshire

Black Lesbian Archives
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Glasglow Women's Library Lesbian/LGBTQ Archives

The Digital Transgender Archive
To Survive on This Shore: Photos and Stories from Trans/GNC Older Adults
Digital Trans Archive Zine Collection
University of Victoria Transgender Archives
The Life of Lou Project

ACT UP Oral History Project (2002-2015)
Bay Area Reporter Searchable Obituary Database
African American AIDS History Project
New York Public Library LGBT and HIV/AIDS Collections

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character defect, deviant, immoral, invert, pervert, perversion, queer, sapphism, sodomite, tribade, homosexuality, lesbianism, degenerate
masquerading, males in female attire, females in male attire, female husband, cross-dressing, sex-change or sex change, change of sex, transvestite, gender, gender recognition, transsexuals
hermaphrodite, bearded woman, sex hormones
buggery, disorderly house, gross indecency, importuning, indecency, obscenity, sexual offences, sodomy, soliciting, street offences, unnatural offences, unnatural act, degeneracy