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GLBT Historical Society's Digital Collections
Archived GLBTQ Encyclopedia Project
Lavender Legacies: LGBT Sources in North America
The Madeline Davis GLBT Archives of Western New York
Invisible Histories Project (Southern US)
University of Southern Maine LGBTQ+ Collection
LGBTQ Digital Collaboratory Oral History Hub
Gay History and Literature by Rictor Norton
Homosexuality in 18th Century England
New York Public Library LGBT and HIV/AIDS Collections
People with a History: An Online Guide to LGBT History
Queer Zine Archive
One Archive
The Arquives
Queering the Map
Queer Resources Directory
Queer Music Heritage
LGBT Religious Archives Network
Queer Maps
Out History

Newsletters and Magazines
Vanguard Magazine (1960-70)
Bay Area Reporter Newspaper (1971-2005)
Fanfare Magazine (1986-88)
Gender Quest (1998-2000)
Monmouth & Ocean News (1994-98)
Nottingham Lesbian and Gay Community Centre (1986-87)
One Magazine (1953-67)
G.E.M / GEM (1983-84)
Ripoff (1997)
Chimaera (1980)
Outright (1990-97)
Gay Life (1978)
[Uganda] Bombastic Magazine (2014-19)
[China] Gay Spot (2007-15)
[Iraq] Living on the Margins (2018)
Above Ground Magazine (1995-97)
Gaydar Magazine (2004-08)
Valley Free / Valley Gay Press (1998-2016)
FACT: Fighting Aids Together (1991-2017)
Panzee Press (2008-09)
Pride Guide (1994-2004)
Info about Bangladesh Roopbaan Magazine (2014)

Why Did the Mafia Own the Bar? (2017?)
Exploding the Myths of Stonewall (2019)
Proud b(u)y definition (1999)

Out in All Directions: The Almanac of Gay and Lesbian America by Thomas, Witt, Marcus (1995)
Making Gay History: The Half Century Fight for Lesbian and Gay Equal Rights by Eric Marcus (2002)

Pride footage
Pride Parades (1975-1989)
Dyke March Compilation (1993-2001)

Documentaries and Videos
Paris Is Burning (1990)
Screaming Queens (2005)
A look back at gay life in San Francisco in 1976
Making Gay History Podcast (2016-)
The Stonewall You Know Is a Myth. And That’s O.K. (2019)
Bay Area Television Archive
In The Life TV News Magazine Archive

Pins, Patches, Shirts
Madeline Davis Activist Pin and Button Exhibit (1970-2018)
Madeline Davis Gay Rights Historical T-Shirt Collection
Arquives Button Collection
Arquives Shirt Collection