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The Digital Transgender Archive
Tretter Transgender Oral History Project
To Survive on This Shore: Photos and Stories from Trans/GNC Older Adults
Digital Trans Archive Zine Collection
University of Victoria Transgender Archives
Trans Oral History Project
Black Trans Archive (Interactive Artwork)
Making Gay History Podcast
Stealth: Transmasculine Podcast
The Life of Lou Project

General Newletters and Magazines
Chrysalis Quarterly (1991-99)
Erickson Educational Foundation Publications (1965-86)
The Gateway Gender Alliance Publications (1979-84)
Gender Review: The FACTual Newsletter (1978-86)
GenderServe Newsletter (1987-88)
Gender Trash (1993-95)
In Your Face: Political Activism Against Gender Oppression Newsletter (1995-98)
The Ingersoll Message Newsletters (1995-98)
International Foundation for Gender Education Publications (1987-99)
International TranScript Periodicals (1991-92)
The Journal of Gender Studies (1991-95)
Journal of Male Feminism (1977-80)
Outreach Publications Newsletters (1970-99)
Renaissance News & Views (1987-2004)
Transgender Tapestry (1979-2008)
The Transsexual Voice (1985-95)
TV Guise / GenderFlex (1991-95)
Twenty Minutes (1988-97)
Xpressions and Monarch Publications (1995-97)

Transfeminine Newletters and Magazines
Buffalo Belles / The Journey Newsletter (1992-99)
Alpha Zeta Newsletter (1987-89)
Chi Chapter Newsletter (1977-99)
Cross Dressers International Newsletter (1991-93)
Cross-Port InnerView Newsletter (1985-96)
Cross-Talk: The Gender Community’s News & Information Monthly (1990-96)
Drag Magazine (1971-83)
En Femme Publications (1987-91)
Fantasia Fair Newsletters (1975-2000)
Female Mimics Magazine (1963-79)
Female Mimics International (1980-99)
Femme Mirror Newsletters (1978-2000)
Gender Euphoria Newsletters (1987-99)
Grace and Lace Letter (1990-99)
Hartford T.V.I.C. / Sugar and Spice Sorority (1973-1974)
LadyLike Magazine (1987-2007)
Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls Magazine (1979-85)
Letters from Female Impersonators (1961-63)
The Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers (1964-97)
Mountain Lace Newsletter (1991-93)
Our Sorority: An Outreach Program (1986-90)
Our Special Joy Newsletter (1981-85)
The Phi Journal (1986-88)
The Sweetheart Collection (1994-2001)
The Tartan Skirt (1992-95)
TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism (1993-95)
Turnabout Magazine (1963-79)

Transmasculine Newletters and Magazines
FTM International / Newsletter (1987-2008)
Boys Will Be Boys Newsletter (1992-93)
Adam's Word Newsletter (1998-99)
Metamorphosis Newsletter and Periodicals (1982-88)
Your SOFFA Voice Newsletter (1998-2001)
Trans Fag Rag: Info & Networking for Gay/Bi Transmen (1996)

Clippings and Scraps
Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1900-1949)
Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (Pre 1900)
Short Runs of Periodicals (1953-97)
Snippets of South Africa Media Coverage (1998-96)
Upstate New York Newsletters (1973-99)

Mountain Charley: The Adventures of Mrs. E.J. Guerin, Who was 13 Years in Male Attire (1861)
Die Transvestiten 1 by Magnus Hirschfeld (1910)
Die Transvestiten 2 by Magnus Hirschfeld (1912)
Autobiography of an Androgyne by Jennie June (1918)
Artificial Rejuvenation and Voluntary Change of Sex: According to Professor Steinach (1926)
Self: A Study In Ethics And Endocrinology By Michael Dillon (1946)
Venus Castina: Famous Female Impersonators: Celestial and Human by C.J. Bulliet (1956)
Poems of Truth by Michael Dillon (1957)
Transvestism Today by Edward Podolsky/Carlson Wade (1960)
Sex Life of a Tranvestite by Larry Maddock (1964)
Transvestism Around the World by S-K Press (1964)
Of Souls & Roles, Of Sex & Gender: A Treasury of Transsexual, Transgenderist & Transvestic Verse by Rupert Raj (1967-1991)
Once I Was a Man: Behold, I Am a Woman by Dianna, told by Felicity Cochrane (1972)
Information For The Female To Male Cross Dresser And Transsexual by Lou Sullivan (1985)
From Female to Male: The Life of Jack Bee Garland by Lou Sullivan (1990)
Leslie Feinberg's works in PDF (1992-2009)

Oral History
Interview between Dr. Ira Pauly and Lou Sullivan (1988)
Making Gay History Podcast
Stealth: Transmasculine Podcast
Trans Audio, Video Clips, and Transcripts (1914-2020)
Tretter Transgender Oral History Project
Trans Oral History Project

Paris Is Burning (1990)
Screaming Queens (2005)

Pins, Patches, Shirts
Digital Trans Archive Button Collection
Digital Trans Archive Clothing Collection

Reclaiming Trans by Ky Schevers: Surviving Conversion Therapy from Detrans Radfem Spaces

Reed Erickson Collection (1928-1969)
The Lou Sullivan Collection (1973-94)
Dr. Alan L. Hart Collection (1894-1962)
Lynn Edward Harris photos (1954-2000)

Notable trans people or allies
Christine Jorgensen
Lou Sullivan
Chelsea Manning
Robert Eads
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
Dora Richter
Leslie Feinberg
Karl M. Baer
Cecilia Chung
Michael Dillon
Gavin Grimm
Wendy Carlos
Alan L. Hart
Billy Tipton
Chevalier d'Éon
Laverne Cox
Bamby Salcedo
Willmer ‘Little Ax” Broadnax
Amelio Robles Ávila
Charley Parkhurst
Rupert Raj
Claude Cahun
Roberta Cowell
Ben Barres
Reed Erickson
Charlotte McLeod
Brandon Teena
Sylvia Rivera
Marsha P. Johnson
Mary Jones
Public Universal Friend
Lucy Hicks Anderson
Lili Elbe
Magnus Hirschfeld
Harry Benjamin