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GLBT Historical Society's Digital Collections
Archived GLBTQ Encyclopedia Project
Lavender Legacies: LGBT Sources in North America
The Madeline Davis GLBT Archives of Western New York
Invisible Histories Project (Southern US)
University of Southern Maine LGBTQ+ Collection
LGBTQ Digital Collaboratory Oral History Hub
Gay History and Literature by Rictor Norton
Homosexuality in 18th Century England
New York Public Library LGBT and HIV/AIDS Collections
People with a History: An Online Guide to LGBT History
Queer Zine Archive
One Archive
The Arquives
Queering the Map
Queer Resources Directory
Queer Music Heritage
LGBT Religious Archives Network
Queer Maps
Out History
5 Ninth Avenue Project

Newsletters and Magazines
Vanguard Magazine (1960-70)
Bay Area Reporter Newspaper (1971-2005)
Fanfare Magazine (1986-88)
Gender Quest (1998-2000)
Monmouth & Ocean News (1994-98)
Nottingham Lesbian and Gay Community Centre (1986-87)
One Magazine (1953-67)
G.E.M / GEM (1983-84)
Ripoff (1997)
Chimaera (1980)
Outright (1990-97)
Gay Life (1978)
[Uganda] Bombastic Magazine (2014-19)
[China] Gay Spot (2007-15)
[Iraq] Living on the Margins (2018)
Above Ground Magazine (1995-97)
Gaydar Magazine (2004-08)
Valley Free / Valley Gay Press (1998-2016)
FACT: Fighting Aids Together (1991-2017)
Panzee Press (2008-09)
Pride Guide (1994-2004)
Info about Bangladesh Roopbaan Magazine (2014)

Why Did the Mafia Own the Bar? (2017?)
Exploding the Myths of Stonewall (2019)
Proud b(u)y definition (1999)

Out in All Directions: The Almanac of Gay and Lesbian America by Thomas, Witt, Marcus (1995)
Making Gay History: The Half Century Fight for Lesbian and Gay Equal Rights by Eric Marcus (2002)

Pride footage
Pride Parades (1975-1989)
Dyke March Compilation (1993-2001)

Documentaries and Videos
Paris Is Burning (1990)
Screaming Queens (2005)
A look back at gay life in San Francisco in 1976
Making Gay History Podcast (2016-)
The Stonewall You Know Is a Myth. And That’s O.K. (2019)
Bay Area Television Archive
In The Life TV News Magazine Archive

Pins, Patches, Shirts
Madeline Davis Activist Pin and Button Exhibit (1970-2018)
Madeline Davis Gay Rights Historical T-Shirt Collection
Arquives Button Collection
Arquives Shirt Collection