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This is a page full of links related to transgender life, and it is a never-ending work in progress.
Unfortunately, many links will be US focused. If you need help finding a resource, or have any suggestions or comments, feel free to email me.
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Rights and legal defense
NCTE Know Your Rights Directory
NCTE Legal Services Network Directory
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders
National Center for Lesbian Rights (LGBTQ+)
Transgender Law Center
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
The LGBTQ+ Bar
Lambda Legal
Transgender Legal
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund
Low Income Legal Help

Legal gender change
NCTE ID Documents Center
LGBTMap US Identity Document Laws and Policies State Map
Lambda Legal Birth Certificate State-by-State Guidelines
TLC Birth Certificate State-by-State Guidelines

NCTE Know Your US Housing Rights
Federal US Laws Which Protect LGBTQ Youth and Adults from Discrimination in Homelessness Services
How LGBTQ Youth Can Prepare to Safely Access Homelessness Services
The National Runaway Safeline
National database of homeless shelters
National Database of Food Banks

ICE Raids: Know Your Rights as a TGNC Immigrant
Credible Fear Interviews: What you Need to Know as a TGNC Immigrant
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
National Immigrant Justice Center’s LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Initiative
Freedom House Dignity for All: LGBTI Assistance Program
Arab Foundation For Freedoms And Equality
LGBTIQ Org for Refuge, Asylum, and Migration
Human Rights First Asylum
Immigration Equality
Rainbow Railroad
No More Fear Foundation
Asylum Connect Catalog

Trans Employment Program
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Workplace Fairness info

US Anti-Trans Legislation Tracker
HRC Names 2021 Worst Year for US LGBTQ Laws in Recent History
TLC's US Equality Map


Hormone replacement therapy
How do I get my HRT letter?
What is informed consent?
Erin's US Informed Consent HRT Map
GALAP doctor directory
Planned Parenthood HRT
Brief list of effects of estrogen HRT
Brief list of effects of testosterone HRT

Searching for a LGBT friendly doctor
My Trans Health
Trans-Health Clinics (US/CA/UK)
Trans in the South: A Directory of Health & Legal Service Providers
Psychology Today Trans friendly search
Ryan Sallans: Advice for finding a trans knowledgeable therapist
OutCare find a LGBTQ+ competent healthcare provider
Lighthouse LGBT friendly doctor search
TransCareSite care listings
GLMA Find a Provider

Navigating US insurance or lack thereof
Trans Health Project
HRC Finding Insurance for Transgender-Related Healthcare
Getting Your Health Care Covered: a Guide for Transgender People insurance advice
NCTE Healthcare coverage guide
National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics
Jim Collins Foundation Financial Support
Point of Pride Annual Transgender Surgery Fund
Transformative Freedom Fund (Colorado)

Mental health resources
LGBT National Help Center Youth Chat Room Lounge (19 and under)
Self Abuse Finally Ends (S.A.F.E)
Switchboard LGBT Helpline
MHTTC LGBTQIA+ Behavioral Health Resources

Types of top surgery
ASPS Top surgery info
Video of top surgery being performed (content warning)
Hopkins Medicine Phalloplasty FAQ
Phalloplasty and Metoidioplasty: Overview and Post-op
Denver Health FTM Full Hysterectomy Info
General phalloplasty info
General metoidioplasty info
Hopkins Medicine Vaginoplasty FAQ
General vaginoplasty info
Orchiectomy: What You Should Know


Social Groups
GLBT Near Me
LGBT center finder
TrevorSpace (13-24)

LGBT friendly searches
US Campus Pride Index
Trans friendly business searcher
Trans friendly barbershops and salons
Refuge Restrooms app

Coming out
Coming out as transgender
A coming out guide for trans young people
Transitioning in the Workplace: A Guide
Coming Out At Work
Pronouns dressing room
What is deadnaming?

Stores and programs
Point of Pride: A gender-affirming donation program
Transform: A trans and gnc wardrobe program
Carmen Liu Lingerie
Rebirth Garments

Free femme shapewear program
LeoLines undergarments
A Bra That Fits calculator
Insider article on voice training
L's Voice Training Guide
Safer tucking tips

GC2B binders
Underworks tri-top binder
Underworks magicotton binding bra
Shapeshifters custom and fun binders
Rebirth Garments fun binders
Flavnt binders
Binder donation program
How do I wash my binder?
Sizing, fit, safety and binder care
Binder safety guidelines
Safer binding tips
Voice exercises


Surveys, studies, and more
2015 U.S. Transgender Survey Report
Trevor National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health 2020
A Comprehensive Defense of Trans People (many study links)
NCTE's Transgender Issues
Suicidality in trans youth
Suicidality in trans adults


My LGBT Magazine Archive!
The Internet Archive
The Digital Transgender Archive
GLBT Historical Society's Digital Collections
Archived GLBTQ Encyclopedia Project
Bay Area Reporter Searchable Obituary Database

Notable trans people or allies
Christine Jorgensen
Lou Sullivan
Chelsea Manning
Robert Eads
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
Dora Richter
Leslie Feinberg
Karl M. Baer
Cecilia Chung
Michael Dillon
Gavin Grimm
Wendy Carlos
Alan L. Hart
Billy Tipton
Chevalier d'Éon
Laverne Cox
Bamby Salcedo
Willmer ‘Little Ax” Broadnax
Amelio Robles Ávila
Charley Parkhurst
Rupert Raj
Claude Cahun
Roberta Cowell
Ben Barres
Reed Erickson
Charlotte McLeod
Brandon Teena
Sylvia Rivera
Mary Jones
Public Universal Friend
Lucy Hicks Anderson
Lili Elbe
Magnus Hirschfeld
Harry Benjamin

For Parents

Support networks
Trans Youth Equality
Gender Spectrum
Gender Diversity
LGBT Talkline


Learn to respect your intersex peers!
InterACT: Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: Intersex, Gender, and LGBTQIA+
Understanding Intersex and Transgender Communities
Anti-Transgender Legislation Affects Intersex Kids, Too!

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