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Hello, welcome to Grackle's Place, a passion project that was originally intended to be for trans resources that got a little out of control. Links here are ALWAYS open access, everything is free to view. I would really appreciate if you shared this site with your friends and spread the word!

The site is ran by one person (me) and nearly everything here was collected by me. If you have any contributions to offer I would certainly be open to seeing them, so as long as you are not affiliated with a company and advertising your site links to me. I will not add your shitty company's links. You may email me at

You can access archive pages by following the blue links in the left column, or if you're on mobile, the blue links directly below these paragraphs. Some sections may be sparse, usually due to their specificity; while they're technically sorted by subject, this is a messy task as identity doesn't always fit in individual boxes for me to neatly separate.

A majority of the older trans-related links will mention crossdressers, transvestites, impersonators, mimics, drag queens and kings, sissies, and more. Many of the gender terms and categories we have now didn't exist, at least not in their modern form. For example, a newsletter may be named "Cross Dressers International", but contain advice on social and medical transition, a path we now typically associate with a more recent label, transgender. To add another layer to the situation, the word transgender was originally often used to include crossdressing and gender non-conformity, although now many people associate it with being a transsexual, or at least a distinct entity from gender non-conformity.

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