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Age: 20s
Career: Zoologist with an interest in paleontology, works at a museum and does educational programs
Interests: Dinosaurs, birds, evolution, video games, music, digging through archives to read old perspectives and marvel at the passing of time, amateur site building
Hobbies: He is a hobby aquarist who primarily keeps and breeds Neocaridina shrimp. He loves to spoil his shrimps and watch them thrive and interact in their environment. Outside of being an aquarist he is an artist who spends most of his time designing characters, embroidering, and creating ceramics.
Personality: Introverted, blunt, talks a lot about his interests, conscientious, thorough and mindful of details, curious, eccentric, flamboyant
Collections: Pins, patches, stickers, fossils, animal bones, mugs
Appearance: Gray anthro rat with central heterochromic hazel eyes. Masculine, heavy-set, hairy, broad shouldered. Often drawn with a lot of fluff for "body hair". Double lobe piercings on each side and a septum piercing.
Alternate appearances: Agouti, black hooded, or albino coat
Drops on kill: Beaded lizard (50%), prerolls (30%), animal bone (15%), bottle of excedrin (4%), dinosaur tooth (1%)

Assorted rat facts:
It's pretty much impossible for him to have a favorite dinosaur or a favorite animal in general, because if he sees any of any kind he will declare it as his favorite.
His favorite video game is Team Fortress 2.
He is autistic and disabled in other ways.
He enjoys creating scenic paleoart, especially of dinosaurs and pterosaurs.
He can ride horses and has a history of caring for livestock. He is particularly fond of chickens.
He's pretty gay for his boyfriend.