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This page contains a small collection of direct links to historical LGBT newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and the like. Always a work in progress. Email me at grackleweb@gmail.com if you have any contributions or questions.

Almost all of the trans links will mention crossdressers, transvestites, impersonators/mimics, drag queens/kings, sissies, and more. Many of gender terms and categories we have now didn't exist, at least not in their modern form, and labels were blurrier. Newsletters and magazines were often advertised for both trans people and crossdressers, and many people considered themselves both, so I'm unable to separate them into distinct categories.

I don't endorse every opinion in these magazines, obviously.
They may contain triggering, offensive, or sexual content.


Useful archive sites
The Internet Archive
The Digital Transgender Archive
GLBT Historical Society's Digital Collections
Archived GLBTQ Encyclopedia Project
Bay Area Reporter Searchable Obituary Database

Newsletters and Magazines

Mixed LGBT
Vanguard Magazine (1960-70)
Bay Area Reporter Newspaper (1971-2005)
Fanfare Magazine (1986-88)
Gender Quest (1998-2000)
Monmouth & Ocean News (1994-98)
Nottingham Lesbian and Gay Community Centre (1986-87)
One Magazine (1953-67)
G.E.M / GEM (1983-84)
Ripoff (1997)
Chimaera (1980)
Outright (1990-97)
Gay Life (1978)
[Uganda] Bombastic Magazine (2014-19)
[China] Gay Spot (2007-15)
[Iraq] Living on the Margins (2018)
Above Ground Magazine (1995-97)
Gaydar Magazine (2004-08)
Valley Free / Valley Gay Press (1998-2016)
FACT: Fighting Aids Together (1991-2017)
Panzee Press (2008-09)
Pride Guide (1994-2004)

Gay men
Gay Nottingham (1985-87)
East Midlands Metro Gay (1987-89)
Wolverine: Gay Voices of Hostility (1983-84)

Lookout! (1996-2011)
Diversion (1986-88)
Bad Attitude (1990s)
Shocking Pink (1987)

Anything That Moves (1991-2001)

Chrysalis Quarterly (1991-99)
Erickson Educational Foundation Publications (1965-86)
The Gateway Gender Alliance Publications (1979-84)
Gender Review: The FACTual Newsletter (1978-86)
GenderServe Newsletter (1987-88)
Gender Trash (1993-95)
In Your Face: Political Activism Against Gender Oppression Newsletter (1995-98)
The Ingersoll Message Newsletters (1995-98)
International Foundation for Gender Education Publications (1987-99)
International TranScript Periodicals (1991-92)
The Journal of Gender Studies (1991-95)
Journal of Male Feminism (1977-80)
Outreach Publications Newsletters (1970-99)
Renaissance News & Views (1987-2004)
Transgender Tapestry (1979-2008)
The Transsexual Voice (1985-95)
TV Guise / GenderFlex (1991-95)
Twenty Minutes (1988-97)
Xpressions and Monarch Publications (1995-97)

Transfeminine-oriented / dominant
Buffalo Belles / The Journey Newsletter (1992-99)
Alpha Zeta Newsletter (1987-89)
Chi Chapter Newsletter (1977-99)
Cross Dressers International Newsletter (1991-93)
Cross-Port InnerView Newsletter (1985-96)
Cross-Talk: The Gender Community’s News & Information Monthly (1990-96)
Drag Magazine (1971-83)
En Femme Publications (1987-91)
Fantasia Fair Newsletters (1975-2000)
Female Mimics Magazine (1963-79)
Female Mimics International (1980-99)
Femme Mirror Newsletters (1978-2000)
Gender Euphoria Newsletters (1987-99)
Grace and Lace Letter (1990-99)
Hartford T.V.I.C. / Sugar and Spice Sorority (1973-1974)
LadyLike Magazine (1987-2007)
Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls Magazine (1979-85)
Letters from Female Impersonators (1961-63)
The Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers (1964-97)
Mountain Lace Newsletter (1991-93)
Our Sorority: An Outreach Program (1986-90)
Our Special Joy Newsletter (1981-85)
The Phi Journal (1986-88)
The Sweetheart Collection (1994-2001)
The Tartan Skirt (1992-95)
TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism (1993-95)
Turnabout Magazine (1963-79)

Transmasculine-oriented / dominant
Boys Will Be Boys Newsletter (1992-93)
Adam's Word Newsletter (1998-99)
The Lou Sullivan Collection (1973-94)
Metamorphosis Newsletter and Periodicals (1982-88)
Your SOFFA Voice Newsletter (1998-2001)
Trans Fag Rag: Info & Networking for Gay/Bi Transmen (1996)

Hermaphrodites with Attitude / Intersex Society of North America Newsletter (1994-2006)
Autobiography of an Androgyne (1918)
The Journal of Gender Studies Vol. 15 No. 2 & Vol. 16 No. 1 (1993-94)
Appendix D: A Legal Path of Androgeny by Lynn Edward Harris (1995)
Lynn Edward Harris photos (1954-2000)
Riki Anne Wilchins' flyers (1990)

Zines and Scraps

Digital Trans Archive Zine Collection
Queer Zine Archive

Clippings and Scraps
Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1900-1949)
Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1950-2000)
Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (Pre 1900)
Short Runs of Periodicals (1953-97)
Snippets of South Africa Media Coverage (1998-96)
Upstate New York Newsletters (1973-99)
Info about Bangladesh Roopbaan Magazine

Singular magazines
Gay Sunshine (1973)
Gay Left (1997)
Random gay magazines (1969-79)


Homosexuality in 18th Century England
Plain Reasons for the Growth of Sodomy (1731)
To Survive on This Shore: Photos and Stories from Trans/GNC Older Adults
Reclaiming Trans by Ky Schevers: Surviving Conversion Therapy from Detrans Radfem Spaces

Boys Will Be Boys Monthly Newsletter, No. 5 (July, 1992)

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